Sunday, January 31, 2010

UFO Challenge – February

My BFF Nancy has issued the UFO challenge again for 2010.  I have this challenge list over on my sidebar.  For the next 9 months she will pick a number at the beginning of the month and the challenge is to get the UFO that corresponds with that number on your list finished before the end of the month.

Number 7 was drawn for February which means I’ll be working on my Blue Bricks & Stepping Stones Quilt.  The blocks are still in process but I have the basic 4-patch/Brick unit pieced and pressed.  The print along the bottom of the photo is going to be the border.  I really am enjoying working on this one.

002 This has been my leader/ender project off and on and I made quite a bit of progress on it that way.  But now it’s time to buckle down and git-r-dun!


Regina said...

Oh I love this color combination. I did mine with the black and white four patches and just love it - but was thinking how it would look with a different four patch.

Now I know -can't wait to see it done!

Jeanne said...

I've been cutting and sorting fabrics for this quilt, too. I'll enjoy watching your pieces grow into a quilt.