Friday, November 30, 2012

On (and Off) the Needles–November 30th

Another productive week with quite a bit off the needles (YAY!) and a couple things on the needles!

I started and finished a hat to match the scarf I’m knitting as a Christmas gift set for a coworker.  The hat is the Sockhead Hat pattern and is free on Ravelry.  I make a lot of these hats and they are quick and fun knit using fingering weight sock yarn!


I also finally finished knitting the Double Dog Dare sweater that I was test knitting.  Here it is being modeled by Mollie & Peaches….



The scarf is still in progress and will hopefully be finished soon…


And I cast on another hat which will be a holiday gift for my boss.  Loving this fun open work pattern!


And finally, here are some better pictures of the Juicy Superstar Shawl that I finished last week..



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Friday, November 23, 2012

On (and Off) the Needles–November 23rd

It’s been a pretty productive week for knitting.  Who knew that being off work all week could make me finish things LOL

I finally finished the test knit shawl I’ve been working on.  I still need to put on the hook and eye closures and get some better pictures, but it is off the needles.  WOW icord binding and edging takes a LONG time on a HUGE shawl!


I also decided that I didn’t like how the stripes were looking on the scarf I started last week, so I ripped it out and switched to a hat using the Ravens yarn.  Love how the hat turned out!  And it only took 2 days to knit.


Since I really do like the scarf pattern, I decided to start it using a different yarn that has a wider self striping pattern.  It’s looking pretty good so far and it will wind up as a Christmas gift for someone (just haven’t decided who yet).


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Friday, November 16, 2012

On the Needles–November 16th

Still plugging along on the Juicy Superstar Shawl test knit.  I only have 8 more rows to knit and then the icord edging gets done….woohoo!!


I also cast on another test knit which is a dog sweater.  It would be easy going if the cable section wasn’t so tight, but I’ll keep on going and git-r-dun soon!


And I also was itching to cast on this Raven’s striped yarn from Fresh from the Cauldron.  This will be a Christmas gift for my mom as she loves the Baltimore Ravens.  The pattern is One Row Handspun Scarf, easy peasy pattern and a very fast knit.  I will be knitting more of them!


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Friday, November 9, 2012

On the Needles–November 9th

I am still plugging away on my Juicy Superstar Shawl test knit.  I have now finished 7 of the stripes and am thrilled with the result so far.  Only 2 more stripes to knit and then onto the icord bind-off!!  Woohoo!


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Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the Needles–November 2, 2012

After successfully finishing the Socktober Opal Challenge last month by knitting 3 pairs of socks using Opal Yarn,  See this post for all of the finished socks together.

I am now working on a nice big shawl as a test knit.  The shawl is called Superstar Shawl and is a cardigan style shawl which closes in the front with hook and eye closures and then uses snaps on the sides to create “arm holes”.  I’m using bright and fun yarn from Knit Picks and am loving the look so far.  I’m about halfway done and cannot wait to see the finished product!


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Socktober 2012 is over….

And I have 3 new pairs of socks to show for it!!!

I took the Socktober Opal Challenge and met my goal of 3 pairs of socks using Opal yarn.  They were all started on or before Oct 1st and finished before Oct 31st.  I’m so happy to be so far ahead on my Christmas sock knitting!!

Opal Pair #1 – Uncle Scotty’s Socks…


Opal Pair #2 – Running Circles Around Barbara (for my mother in law)…


Opal Pair #3 – Vanilla Latte for Mom…