Friday, August 31, 2012

On (and off) My Needles–August 31st

Well I have been busily shawl knitting this week and managed to finish my Camp Loopy project 3 on Saturday.  I am tickled pink with my Derecho Shawl knit with Swans Island Organic Merino Fingering yarn.



I had a blast knitting along at Camp Loopy again this year and am thrilled to have finished all 3 projects in the 3 months of camp!

Today is the deadline to upload finished pictures of the Westknits Mystery Shawl in order to qualify for prizes.  If you know me, you know I love a challenge, so I am busily knitting away to finish this shawl today.  I only have a few more rows before it is finished.  The big question right now is will I run out of yarn before the end of the pattern?  Or will I have to cut the second “wing” short?  Time will tell….


After I finish the shawl I think I will work on my sock yarn blankie for a bit before I decide on my next project Smile

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Friday, August 24, 2012

On My Needles–August 24th

My Derecho is still on my needles.  I am nearly finished and will be finished by the end of the weekend (I have to finish by Monday and post photos for the Camp Loopy Challenge).  At this point I am working on the final striped section and then I just have the border to knit.  This yarn lays and drapes so beautifully I don’t thin k I’m going to need to block it (YAY!)


Once I finish knitting the Derecho I plan to finish knitting my Westknits Mystery Shawl.  I have not made any progress since I posted this photo…


I have to say, once I am finished the mystery shawl I am going to shy away from garter stitch shawls for awhile (the final clue of the mystery is striped garter stitch sections – LOL).  I will have knit 5 of them since June once the mystery is done.

I think I will be casting on at least one pair of socks very soon LOL.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

On My Needles–August 17th

Well the Ravellenic Games was very productive for me.  I finished all of my projects on time and managed to start a new one before the games ended.

My Color Affection Shawl is lovely and quite large.  I can’t wait to wear it when the weather turns cooler…



I also finished my WIP Lacy Ribs Socks.  I’m glad to have them done since they were sitting on the needles for quite some time…


My new project that is currently on the needles is my Derecho Shawl.  This is my Camp Loopy project 3 and I need to have it finished by August 27th.  So I have 10 days to git-r-dun!  I think I can do it!


I’m also hosting an online Thirty-One Party that closes on August 29th.  These bags are fantastic especially for Crafters.  Lovely fabrics and fun embroidered personalization is available on most bags.  This is the last chance for some of the bag styles and prints so take a look at my party and order before the 29th is you’re so inclined Smile




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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Sock Yarn Blanket….

I’ve had a few people ask questions about my long term knitting project, My Sock Blankie.  So I thought I’d go ahead and post some information about the project as well as an updated picture of the blanket laid out flat.


I started the blanket on August 6, 2011 (wow that was 1 year ago yesterday) during an all day knit in at The Mannings in East Berlin, PA.  My knitting group attends this annual event as a group and we have a blast knitting all day.

The squares are garter stitched mitered squares and are attached as I knit.  I pick up stitches from previous squares to start the new square and I am constructing this blanket on the diagonal.  The square measure approximately 2.5” square and the blanket will consist of 28 squares across by 36 squares down.  This is a total of 1008 squares.  I then plan to knit a solid black outer border with mitered squares in each outer corner.

As of right now I have knit 638 squares and I have set a goal this year of reaching the 900 square mark by the end of 2012.

Each square takes 30 minutes to knit so when I finish knitting the squares I will have put 504 hours of knitting time into this blanket.

During the Ravellenic Games I set myself a goal of knitting 50 squares onto the blanket.  I reached that goal this weekend and received this medal today Smile

Rav Mod Relay Medal

If you are a member of Ravelry you can see more information on the original pattern by visiting my project page.  Feel free to add me as a friend on Ravelry as well.

I hope this answered some of your questions.  I’ve really enjoyed knitting this blankie and I cannot wait to see it finished!

Friday, August 3, 2012

On My Needles ~ August 3rd

I’m moving right along on my Ravellenic Games projects….  My Color Affection is coming along very nicely.  Hopefully I will finish the final striping section today and then will just have the outer solid border left to knit…


I am also more than halfway to my 50 square goal on my Sock Blankie.  My goal is 50 squares knit during the games and I have already knit 32 squares…


I haven’t picked up my socks yet but I will work on them soon.

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