Saturday, September 29, 2012

On the Needles–September 28th

It’s sock knitting time in my house….woohoo!

I’m gearing up for Socktoberfest by knitting some socks this week.

Last weekend I started a pair of socks that will be a Christmas gift for my husband.  He has very large feet (12 wide men’s) so I have never knit socks for him.  But this year when I was at the knit in at the Manning’s I decided to buy yarn for socks for him.  I cast them on last weekend and am almost to the heel gusset…YAY!


I also decided to start another pair of socks for myself.  Since I can only work on hubby’s socks when he’s not home or when I’m out at knit group I needed a project to work on while hubby and I are watching TV in the evening.  I decided to try out the Skyp pattern and modify the pattern to knit them toe up instead of cuff down as written.  I have now turned one heel and am working on the other sock’s heel turn now.  They should be finished this week!  I’m calling them Skyp the Tea Party Socks because the yarn is Fresh From the Cauldron SW Sock yarn in the Tea Party colorway.  Fun and bright!!


This week I also managed to finish the hat that was on the needles last week.  Love this Golf Pants colorway, the way that the color pooled looks like a golf course to me.  I’m very happy with the result!


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Friday, September 21, 2012

On (and Off) the Needles–September 21st

This week I have a project on the needles and one off the needles.

Last weekend I finished my Olympic Nanner socks that were on the needles last week.  I’m very happy to have them done well before they will be gifted to my friend!!  I love the pattern as well as the yarn.  I will certainly knit this pattern again and I have already bought another skein of this yarn in a different colorway to make a pair of socks for myself.


After I finished the socks I cast on a hat that will likely be a Christmas gift this year.  It’s a slouchy Sockhead Hat using Rock Creek Soper Soft Sock yarn in the Golf Pants colorway.  I originally bought the yarn for a mini swap but the skein was short for the swap, so a hat it is becoming…


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Friday, September 14, 2012

Yarntervention needed……

Well I’ve been telling my knitting group that I’m in serious need of a “Yarntervention”.  I have gone totally yarn buying crazy over the last year or so.  Hubby keeps saying that just because he got a better paying job doesn’t mean that I need to spend all the extra on yarn….

For some reason I can’t seem to pass up a good sale….a Loopy Ewe Monday Update…a Fresh From the Cauldron update….you get the picture…

Here’s some of the stash…


And another drawer…


This is the same drawer but you can see that the drawer is big enough that there’s a row behind the row that you see from the front of the drawers (the drawers in the first picture are the same)


And this is the bin that won’t fit into the stash drawers…


And then there was the Loopy Ewe Monday Update….


And finally the Opal Sock Yarn sale at Simply Socks Yarn Company that JudyL “mentioned” on her blog last week.


I really need to stop….Today I ordered yarn from Loopy Ewe for the Fourth Quarter Challenge and Fresh From the Cauldron had an update with more yummy True Blood yarns…..sigh

On My Needles–September 14th

I’m thrilled with the progress of my current knitting project!!  My Nanner Socks using Lorna’s Laces in the London 2012 colorway are nearly finished.  I started them last Saturday and finished turning the heels on Wednesday night at Margarita Night with my knitting group.  I have a few more inches to knit on the leg and then the ribbing to do before I can cast them off.


Coming up in a few days I should be receiving a couple yarn orders and will be posting about them….so stay tuned!

Oh, I also received my latest Thirty One order a couple weeks ago and I thought I’d share a couple of the items I ordered in use…


The totes are holding my most recent stash enhancements that I don’t have room for in the stash drawers.  I either need to start knitting fast or get some more storage space….

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

On My Needles–September 7th (a couple days late)

Well I’m a couple days late with my post but I had to wait til I actually had something on the needles LOL

I finished the WestKnits Mystery Shawl and I did in fact run out of yarn.  But I’m very happy with the results nonetheless.  Here’s some pictures…


I also decided to frog my Skew Socks project.  The first sock was nearly finished but it was a long skinny sock and was never going to fit anyone.  I will need to figure out some modifications before I decide to knit these socks.  Here’s before….


And after…


I decided that I would go ahead and start the gift socks that need to be made this year.  Here’s the first pair…


Nanner Socks from Wendy Johnson using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the London 2012 commemorate colorway.  I love how they are turning out!  Here’s the skein before I started knitting….


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