Friday, July 27, 2012

On My Needles–July 27, 2012

I’m gearing up for the Opening Ceremonies of the Ravellenic Games tonight at 4pm my time.  I have the day off work and am making sure that I have everything ready for serious competition knitting for the next 17 days!!!

In the meantime I have been knitting on my Westknits Mystery Shawl.  I’m about 3/4 finished Clue 2 and Clue 3 was released this morning.  After the Games begin this shawl will take a back seat until my projects for the Games are finished.  Here’s the shawl progress so far…


I also finally got my Striped Study Shawl blocked and photographed.  Here’s the Off the needles pictures…



Hope on over to JudyL’s Blog to see what everyone else has on their needles…

Friday, July 20, 2012

On My Needles–July 20th

I’ve been getting ready to compete in the Ravellenic Games which means setting up Ravelry project pages and winding yarn into cakes.  I have all of my project pages ready and I will wind the skeins for my shawl over the weekend.

During the Games I plan to compete in the Modular Relay by knitting at least 50 squares onto my ongoing Sock Blankie.  I’ll also be doing a little WIP Wrestling by finishing my Lacy Ribs Socks (pictured below).  These are a Wendy Johnson pattern and the Yarn is Eidos by The Sanguine Gryphon

The final event I’ll be competing in is Shawl Sailing.  I plan to knit a Color Affection Shawl using the Miss Babs Yummy kit I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year.  I have been itching to knit this shawl for awhile now and I’m very excited to cast on next Friday!


I’m also working on the Stephen West Mystery KAL and have finished Clue 1.  I’m patiently awaiting the release of Clue 2.  Here’s the result of the first clue:


Pop on over to JudyL’s blog to see what’s on everyone else’s needles…

Friday, July 13, 2012

On the Needles–Friday the 13th

When I woke up this morning this was on my needles…


I have since bound it off the needles…..I need to block and photograph it over the weekend.  I’m so happy to have finished my Camp Loopy Project #2, a Stripe Study Shawl in Dragonfly Djinni Sock Yarn Water Sprite & Poseidon Colorways.

Over the last few weeks I have been knitting away on my Loopy London 2012 Swap projects and also making some other super secret items.  I haven’t been able to show off the progress because the swap box items needed to be a surprise for Cher.  Now that she has received her box I can post pictures here on my blog Smile

The main project was my first attempt at colorwork.  These are Cat Mittens.  The yarn is Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Butter & Caribbean.


I also decided that I needed to include a project with a little cashmere, so I knit up this Hermione Hearts Ron hat using The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! yarn in Gardenia Hawk Bee colorway.  It’s oh so soft!


I also fired up the embroidery machine for a custom tumbler and project bag.  Cher was in the Blue Canoe group during project #1 & the Dragonflies group during project #2 so I included both of these into the Camp Loopy bag.


While I’m waiting for the Ravellenic Games to start I’m going to join into the Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL.  I chose 2 fun bright yarns from Propaganda Yarns after the pink/yellow yarn was posted.  Looking forward to casting this one on so I have something other than the sock blankie to work on at Margarita Night with my knitting pals on Wednesday night Smile