Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Crafting on Hold….


On my way into work on Monday morning I slipped in the parking lot and my left elbow broke my fall.  As the day progressed it was hurting more and more so I headed to the emergency room.  After waiting for 7 hours in the ER and being tortured by Xray technicians, I left with a plaster splint on my arm as well as a sling and prescriptions for pain killers.  I’m supposed to see the orthopedic doctor this week so he can determine if the arm is in fact broken and to what extent.  I’ll be calling the doc first thing tomorrow morning to try for a same day appointment and will hopefully have more news after seeing the doctor.

This means that my Mother in Law’s quilt will not be finished nor will a few other projects I was hoping to make as gifts.  I haven’t wrapped any gifts yet nor has the grocery shopping been done for the family meal we are hosting on Friday.

But then again, what are the holidays without a little stress?

On the bright side, while sitting in the ER I got an email from the Fat Quarter Shop letting me know I was one of the Dear Santa Contest winners :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa……

The “Jolly” elves at The Fat Quarter Shop have encouraged us in Blogland to post our letter to you on our blogs.

As you know (since you see everything) I have been a very good quilter this year and I would love to find this Wicasset by Minnick & Simpson Fat Quarter bundle under my tree this year.  Please hurry down my chimney and leave a little fabric for me :)


There will be cookies & egg nog waiting for you and some treats for the reindeer as well when you stop by.

Hugs to you, Mrs. Claus & the elves!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Progress & a fun project!

I have made more progress on the Trip Around the World Quilt top.  I’m now 1/4 done.  This is the bottom left quarter of the top.


I also made the cutest tumbler cup insert.  I love fabric selvedges and decided to use them in a cup.  This cup will likely find a new home this weekend unless I decide to keep it for myself hehehe.

002I still have a few more of these cups, so i guess I could make another for myself :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis the Season!!!

For mystery quilts that is….

In the midst of all the Christmas crafting, I needed a little distraction.  So I decided to participate in a mystery quilt that will be done over the Christmas weekend.  I’ve done the Christmas Mystery on this particular list for several years and am never disappointed!  It’s a 4 fabric mystery (3 for the center and another for the borders).  Here’s the fabrics that I was able to pull from my stash…


I’m looking forward to starting yet another UFO LOL!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Project…

My Mother in Law and I have taken a few quilting classes over the years.  She is a garment sewer, but decided to give quilting a shot.  The projects get started, but she never seems to finish them (sound familiar?).  So she’s started giving me her UFOs one at a time and I finish them for her for Christmas.  This year is her Trip Around the World.  I’m in the process right now of remaking the section that she was working on because our seam allowances are not matching up and there was a 2” differences in our lengths.  I’ll use the section she made on the backing though, so it will still be a part of the quilt.

Here’s what it looks like so far.  I have alot more to do in the next couple weeks though.  I’ll be working on it on all of my days off between now and Christmas.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lunch Totes Finished and Bags in Progress…

I have finished the 6 lunch totes I was working on and have moved onto the other style bags.  Here’s a picture of the last 3 totes.  The 2 in the front include leftover strips from a jelly roll from the “Bistro” fabric line.  I really like the scrappyish look :)


The other style bag I’m making resembles a traditional brown bag.  I decided to also add a handle across the top to make them easy to carry.  Here’s one finished and the fabrics cut for the other 9 I hope to finish by Thursday night.  Wooohooo!