Friday, October 26, 2012

On (& Off) the Needles–Socktober 26th

This is the last on the needles post for Socktober 2012.  I have a finish to share as well as some new projects on the needles!!

I finished my Mother in Law’s Circle Sock for Christmas and I love how they turned out.  These are also my second pair of socks for the Socktober Opal Challenge!!


Once I finished the Circle Socks I cast on a pair of Vanilla Latte Socks for my mother’s Christmas gift.  These are my third pair of Opal socks this month.  Love this pattern!!


I also joined a test for an oversized shawl called the Superstar Shawl.  The pattern has not yet been released but I’m having fun with it so far.


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Friday, October 19, 2012

On (and Off) the Needles–Socktober 19th

This has been a very productive week for my knitting projects and I have a lot more off the needles than on the needles right now….YAY!

I finished the fingerless mitts that are a Christmas gift.  The pattern if called Jolly Sailor Warmers and was a fun quick knit!


I also finished my uncle’s socks.  This makes 1 pair of Opal finished for the Socktober Opal Challenge….YAY!


Plus my hubby’s squishy soft socks are finished and I am in love with them!!


This week also saw me casting on and casting off a test knit Joselyn Cowl which will be a Christmas gift as well…



That’s what’s off the needles this week, on the needles are my second pair of Opal Socks.  These will be Circle Socks and are a Christmas gift for my mother in law.  The pattern is written cuff down and I am modifying them for my preferred toe up method.  I’m also using my brand new Signature Needle Arts 2.25mm circs (they just started making this size circs last month and I am tickled pink!!)


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Friday, October 12, 2012

On My Needles–Socktober 12th

I’ve been making lots of progress on my socks that I posted last week.

I’m nearly finished my hubby’s socks and will be starting the ribbing soon.  These socks are so soft and fluffy and I just love them!  I almost hope hubby doesn’t like them so that I can wear them when we are watching TV as more of a slipper sock LOL


I’ve also turned the heels on my uncle’s socks and am making really good progress on them.  These are my first pair knit for the Opal Socktoberfest Challenge.  Gotta love the way the yarn stripes!


I also started a test knit for fingerless mitts last night and am nearly finished the first mitt.  Love this cable look without using a cable needle!  They will be nice an toasty with the DK yarn I’m using….


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Friday, October 5, 2012

On (and Off) My Needles–Socktober 5th

Well Socktober is going full swing here on my needles!  I have socks here, there and everywhere!

I finished my Skyp the Tea Party socks last weekend and I love them!  They fit perfectly and are so very bright and cheery!


I also made progress on my hubby’s first socks and both heels have now been turned.  These socks are HUGE as hubby wears a 12 wide shoe!


And since Monday was Socktober 1st, I was able to cast on my first pair of Opal Socks for the Socktoberfest Opal Challenge.  I bought 5 skeins of Opal yarn on sale intending to use them for Christmas gifts this year.  I’m challenging myself to knit 3 of the skeins up during Socktoberfest!


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