Friday, October 26, 2012

On (& Off) the Needles–Socktober 26th

This is the last on the needles post for Socktober 2012.  I have a finish to share as well as some new projects on the needles!!

I finished my Mother in Law’s Circle Sock for Christmas and I love how they turned out.  These are also my second pair of socks for the Socktober Opal Challenge!!


Once I finished the Circle Socks I cast on a pair of Vanilla Latte Socks for my mother’s Christmas gift.  These are my third pair of Opal socks this month.  Love this pattern!!


I also joined a test for an oversized shawl called the Superstar Shawl.  The pattern has not yet been released but I’m having fun with it so far.


Hop on over to JudyL’s Blog to see what’s on everyone else’s needles….


straythreads said...

sigh vanilla latte love the color. what is the pattern

Judy S. said...

Circle socks looks like a nice pattern. Pretty yarn, too!