Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Applique Block Finished!

Well I finished another applique theme swap block tonight. I am so happy to be accomplishing things again!!

As long as we don't have anymore thunder storms tomorrow I should be able to get my new zipper installed on my frame. I also bought some pretty fabric for the new leader sections and cannot wait to be able to load a quilt onto the frame.

I also have a couple things cut out that need to be put together, so tomorrow will be a busy busy day!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Finally able to sew!!!

Well it has been quite a month since I last posted! My hubby had surgery this past Friday to remove his left adrenal gland due to a large tumor that was growing inside it, he is doing well so far and is home and being nursed to health by the kitties.

Between his illness and work and my mom's health and my daughter's end of school activities I have barely stepped foot into the sewing room. But Thursday night I managed to get some applique projects together and worked on them over the weekend. Here's what I managed to finish that I can show you (one of the projects is a round robin that we are not supposed to show the progress of until it gets home).

This is a block for an applique block swap I am in. The theme is "schoolhouse" and our blocks are supposed to depict something we enjoyed in school. I chose art class for my blocks and am really happy with the result.

This is my addition to an international round robin that I have been in and now this top is headed home tomorrow. I thought that the top looked "finished" so I added this applque flower to 2 corners of the last border that had been done. I really think it helps to balance out the top. I'm not showing the whole top because I want to full top to be a surprise when it gets home (hopefully later this week).

I am almost caught up on swap/round robin commitments and am very happy about that. I have 3 quilts here to quilt for others and will be thrilled when they are done and headed home so that I can concentrate on my projects without feeling guilty.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and I hope to be posting more to my blog soon!