Friday, August 24, 2012

On My Needles–August 24th

My Derecho is still on my needles.  I am nearly finished and will be finished by the end of the weekend (I have to finish by Monday and post photos for the Camp Loopy Challenge).  At this point I am working on the final striped section and then I just have the border to knit.  This yarn lays and drapes so beautifully I don’t thin k I’m going to need to block it (YAY!)


Once I finish knitting the Derecho I plan to finish knitting my Westknits Mystery Shawl.  I have not made any progress since I posted this photo…


I have to say, once I am finished the mystery shawl I am going to shy away from garter stitch shawls for awhile (the final clue of the mystery is striped garter stitch sections – LOL).  I will have knit 5 of them since June once the mystery is done.

I think I will be casting on at least one pair of socks very soon LOL.

Hop on over to JudyL’s Blog to see what’s on everyone else’s needles!

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Judy S. said...

Nice shawls! I, too, am on a garter stitch kick, but I did find a lovely non-g one yesterday on Through the Loops. Also found you on Judy's linky.