Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Finished Swap Block & Fun Mail!

Well I finally finished the tulip block I've been hand appliqueing for a theme applique swap. This pot of tulips will be sent out on Monday, I'm so glad to have it finished finally!

And the last couple days have brought me some fun mail!! I got my round robin back from the Feedsack Friends group! It looks fantastic!! I am thrilled with it and I wouldn't change a thing!! Thanks you to all of you ladies that worked on it!!

And today I received my final gift box from my Secret Quilter on the MQR Forum and found out that my Secret Quilter was the ever sneaky Gayle McKay. SHe really had me going over the last 6 months! She went as far as to send me a secret email telling me that Gayle had offered to send a package out to me from her. Thank you soooo much Gayle....You have been AWESOME and I just love everything you've sent me!! Here's the latest package which includes 2 lovely pewter trays with quilt block designs stamped into them and a fabric panel that I have been eyeing for awhile (I'm on a fabric diet or it would have already been mine LOL) and some coordinating fabrics. This will become a wallhanging for my studio sometime soon :) You are the best Gayle!!!


Vicki W said...

Your round robin looks awesome! That's a great package from Gayle too - love those plates.

Anonymous said...

It was so fun for me Beth. Those "trays" are really coasters for your hot or cold drink of choice. Made locally by real artisans. If you come visit, we will go see them work!

The quilt is pretty, but I like those tulips best. Gorgeous!


Jennifer said...

I love the round robin but those tulips look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The tulips are gorgeous, and I love the round robin. It came out beautiful.

May Britt said...

Your RR is beautiful. I was in such a secret friend swap some years go with a lady from usa, and that was so fun :)

Kathie said...

your quilt did come out beautiful.
I love your tulip block , great fabric choices.
Can you ask Gayle if the coasters are available for sale on line I would love to buy some of those, they are just soooooo beautiful and would be great gifts.
I have never seen anything like that before.

Kristie said...

Your tulip block looks great, I really like it. I have never participated in a round robin, but I think I would really like to sometime. Your top turned out beautiful.

Sweet P said...

I love your Round Robin. I confess I didn't like 30's repros when I first started quilting, they are beginning to grow on me.

Your tulips are gorgeous. They are my favorite flower.

Jeanne said...

Your tulip block is beautiful and your RR turned out wonderful, too.

swooze said...

Glad your RR is back and that you are happy with it. I tried to get Teresa's done before Becky finished yours. Dang!

Your tulips look great! Who is the lucky recipient of those?

Gayle said...

Let Kathie know the coasters are available here:

then search for quilt if she wants quilt coasters. or coaster if she wants to see all the pages of choices of animals, flowers, scenes, etc.