Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some Finished Projects

Well the infamous nametags are finished. Each nametag measured 5.5"x6.5" and there are 15 of them. I actually finished them with time to spare for a change :). I certainly hope the ladies like them and think they are worth the money that I've charged for them.

I also made this Bucket Tote using the tutorial on WelshQuilter's blog. What a fun and easy tote this was to make! I cut, sewed, quilted and finished the tote today and I was evn away all afternoon on errands. So really this project is doable in 1/2 a day and everything (including batting) was leftover from other projects. This first tote is for my mom and is made all from red hat fabrics and coordinating reds and purples. Next I'm going to make one for myself!

So all in all it has been a good couple days on the stashbusting front. Hopefully soon I will start to see a reduction in the stash drawers. LOL


swooze said...

How neat! I love the bag. Glad you have your quilting mojo going!

Mel said...

I love the bag. Do you have the date of when the tutorial was done? I can't seem to find it. :(