Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scarves, Scarves Everywhere!

Well the fleece scarves are finished :) I embroidered the kanji symbol for friend and the english translation onto 9 fleece scarves for my daughter's friends today. My daughter and her friends are very into Japanese anime so this is a perfect gift for them. I even got the 14 year old's seal of approval. She is sooo excited!!

This was an easy project as well as inexpensive. 3 1/2 yards of polar fleece was all it took to make all 9 of the scarves. The Fringe Cut ruler was a great addition to my ruler collection as it made cutting the fringe fast and easy.

All I have left to do for Christmas is embroider 3 more fleece blankets, make 2 purses and wallets to match the purses and finish 3 Christmas stockings. With 4 days left until Christmas I should be able to get it all done. Wish me luck!


Kristie said...

The scarves are beautiful! I'm sure they will love them. Great Job!

Sharon said...

Super kewl idea! Love them!

Kathie said...

these are wonderful
my 16year old daughter would go crazy for this!
what a great gift.
She has some lucky friends!
and a good mom!

Sweet P said...

Those scarves are a great idea. I like your coasters too. They are easy and quick gifts to make.