Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Wonderful Mail Day!

Well I got home from work this afternoon and picked up the mail. In there was a squisy package from Australia!!!! Yes you got's my first block in the Leanne Beasley BOM "Journey of a Quilter". I'll be getting a kit similar to this one each month....YAY!!!

I'm soooooo excited to get this started!!! But my #1 question is what kind of "tool" do I use to transfer the design to the fabric before stitching the embroidery??? These are not iron on transfers....Thanks!!!


Sweet P said...

Lucky you! Enjoy the BOM. I'm guessing you have to trace the designs onto the fabric. There are several people who are making her design so I'm sure someone will come along with the answer.

ElsieD said...

Beth...just trace over the design with a pencil. Also the embroidery will look better if you add a thin muslin backing to the background before gives it a bit of body.

Hey this is the first time I've ever made a comment on a blog :^)

Harmany Quilting said...

Hi Beth - I too am doing this BOM, although I bought all the BOM at once, I use a blue pen up at a window. I also use pellon behind the blocks to give a bit more body and hide the stitching from coming through.

Nyx in Australia

Jeanne said...

Beth, if you have a light box, that will make tracing the patterns easier for you. I would use a pencil and also put something behind the block as you stitch as Nyx suggested. Have fun with it!

Kathy Wagner said...

I wrote about that on my blog today! Leanne suggested using a special pencil (3B?), but I just used a regular pencil.
I think I will also look for something to put behind the stitching - like Weaveline, which is what Leanne recommends.