Sunday, April 22, 2007

Working on a UFO!

Well I have actually been working on an old UFO as a wedding gift. It's a blue and white quilt that was started several years ago that I've decided to finish as a wedding gift, the wedding was yesterday but we didn't attend as I am getting over a bout of bronchitis. Due to the bronchitis I wasn't able to finish the quilt either, but I will be finishing it soon so that we can send it to the newlyweds :) Here's a picture of the top thus far, it just needs borders and then quilting. I'm going to work on the borders tonight

I've also finally finished appliqueing the 30's kitties on my embroidery machine for a Row Robin swap I'm in. These kitties are just adorable and I love them! Now to sash them and finish the row :)


Nancy said...

Love those kitties. :-) And the blue quilt I've tucked away in my someday file. It would be great for some of those larger scale fabrics that you don't want to cut up and lose the design.

Samantha said...

the kitties are just so cute!