Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Whirlwind Shopping Spree in Lancaster!

Well in case you didn't know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop....especially for quilty things!!! I had a 3 hour break for lunch during the class I took at the Lancaster show....So Nancy and I ate fast and then hit the vendors!!

If you've never been to the Lancaster Quilt Show, I'll let you know that the vendors are spread out into 3 separate buildings (one of which is in a hotel across the street from the Host)....So a mere 3 hours is not enough time to properly see the show, but I had to work with what I had....LOL....and I made a big dent in my bank account...LOL

Here's a pic of what I bought....just to give you a point of reference there is over 26 yards of FQs in that picture (not including the stacks of hand dyed fabrics in the back of the picture) and the stack of yardage to the right is all from 2 of the shops outside of Lancaster that were open late....We went there after we left the show and I had a ball!!!


Jane Weston said...

Oh what fun! You have some lovely things there and I'm sure it will be part of lots of lovely projects.

Sweet P said...

That's a lot of goodies! Those fabrics are all beautiful.

Quilting Kim said...

WOW - You must have been doing some power shopping. I think you bought more than I did -- and I was shopping longer than 3 hours. I thought the vendors at the Continental Hotel were far superior to those at the quilt show this year. Did you?

swooze said...

I see what the OESD is now. When I first looked at it it took on the color of the fabric above and made me think it was also fabric bundles.

Wow girl! What are you making next!! :D

Nicole and Phil said...

ohhh....what a lovely looking lot of stash to make new projects from....don't forget to use it! LOL
the double wedding ring class looks great.
Did you get any notes about how to do the binding on it? I did my king size double wedding ring quilt in 2001, and it is quilted, all that needs to be done is the binding, I have it all cut, but I lost the instructions on how to stitch it on the curved bits,and i don't want to muck it up?

Nancy said...

Am wondering if you remember who the vendor was for your hand-dyed fabrics. I LOVE hand-dyes, and my favorite vendor, Milly Churbuck, is pretty much retired by now.