Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Projects on the Horizon & 2008 Stashbusting!!

I have been rearranging my sewing studio this weekend as well as pulling fabrics for new projects. The studio is in a workable state right now, but not organized quite yet. I'm still in the process of putting things away and have rearranged some of the furniture. I'm very happy right now with the new setup as I have alot of room to move in the center of the room. I am still searching for the perfect spot for my ironing board though LOL

While putting fabric away, I pulled fabric for 2 mysteries as well as another project I wanted to start before the new year. I had pulled fabrics for a Christmas mystery, but hadn't gotten around to taking the picture. The mystery has been posted and I have peeked at the "end" and I love the quilt. So I will cut the fabrics out and try to get the top made over the next few days. Here's the fabrics I chose for that mystery.

Also, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame is starting a new mystery on New Year's Eve. I love Bonnie's mysteries and I was thrilled when she chose pink as her main color for this new Double Delight mystery. I love pink and am looking forward to cutting thee fabrics up.

I also have been wanting to make the Split Decision quilt since I saw it on Darlene's blog. So I pulled out my Bistro Jelly Roll as well as a "wheat" jelly roll and cut enough rectangles to make 80 blocks. This should make a very generous lap quilt.

Today I also managed to reach my 2008 Stashbusting Goal! I cut borders for a finished top center as well as the 2 Jelly Rolls which threw me over the top of my 150 yard goal. I consider stash to be busted as soon as I cut it out for a pattern as it cannot then go back into the stash. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :) So as of right now I have busted 153.5 yards from the stash. I also added very little fabric this year since I was on the No-Buy List over at Stashbuster.

Boy do I feel good right now :)


Kathy Wagner said...

I am going to pull out some fabrics for Bonnie's new mystery your choices!
I also want to make a split decision quilt!

Gina said...

well done on the stashbusting. I love the fabrics that you've chosen for your new quilts

Love and hugs Gina xxx

belinda said...

my oh have been very busy sounds like...nothing like a clean and tidy work place to start all over in again. I too am searching for the best place for my ironing board!!! I sure do like your fabrics you have picked out for your next projects. I'm very impressed!!

Helen in the UK said...

HUGE CONGRATS on reaching your stashbusting goals for 2008. I'm just about to work mine out and aim for better in 2009!!
Also love the combos for the 2 new projects you're planning :)