Friday, December 19, 2008

Lotsa Holiday Gifts Finished!

Well I managed to finish all to gifts for friends and delivered them all today. I still have family quilts to finish by Christmas Day but I am feeling good about it :)

Here's what I delivered today:

A fabric basket from this tutorial for my boss. She always "steals" my pretty colored pens, so I put a set of colorful pens in the basket for her :)

Desk Delis and matching napkins for 2 of my co workers. We always have lunch together in the office so I thought pretty lunch bags would be appropriate and appreciated :)

Fleece blankets for the others in the office. One is a bicyclist, another is a former music teacher and the other rides a scooter and loves dogs. I gave fleece blankets last year to others in the office and they were quite a hit :)

Fabric baskets from the same tutorial filled with bags of coffee for my nail tech and my hair dresser. Both of them live on java so I thought they would be happy with these :)

A Runaround Bag using "Bratz" style fabric for my nail tech's young daughter who is a very girly girl and loves Bratz and purses. I think she'll enjoy it :)


Vicki W said...

What terrific gifts! I'm making a few of those baskets this week too.

Jennifer said...

Your fabric bags look great - I made a few for gifts this year too, but I am having a hard time deciding which one to keep for myself. I made them with denim and really like the result...will post some pics on my blog after I gift them next week!