Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Fun Outing Today!

Well my 13 year old daughter's symphonic band participated in the District Band Festival today near Ocean City Maryland, so mom and I drove down to the school to see the performance....The kids did a great job!! We will find out their scores tomorrow :)

On the way back from the festival I decided that we would stop at the quilt shop that I rarely get to because it is 2 hours away in a direction that I rarely drive...Well boy am I glad I decided to stop there! I was walking around the shop and noticed they had a Madiera thread chest there....I have been wanting this thread chest since I got my first embroidery machine almost 2 years ago! So I asked her if it was for sale....She said yes and gave me a price, so I called hubby to make sure he hadn't spent money on anything big since he left for work this morning and went back in to buy it....Well it was the last one so she sold it to me and gave me a 10% discount :) Here's a picture of it:

And here's a silly picture of my daughter....She got a package in the mail today with a bunch of anime stuff (she's very into the anime) and decided to put everything on and have me take a picture of her....LOL (By the way, she's standing in the foyer and my new double doors are behind her - I love my new doors!!)


swooze said...

Hi Sam-a-lam-a-din-dong!! Did you tell Mom I called?? I enjoyed talking to ya sweets!

Kathy Wagner said...

Enjoy your great thread purchase!

Beth said...

I have one that will be 12 in June and he's also into animae. If I never hear about Naruto again, it will be too soon!

I love that selection of thread. And every road trip must include a trip to the quilt store. I always map 'em out before we go...the boys just wait in the car.;)