Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Retreat by the Bay!

This past weekend I went on retreat with some new friends. I’ve known Toni for a couple years via blogland as well as a 15 month long round robin, but we’d only met in person once. She put together a retreat about 2 hours southeast of my house and I wanted to go, so I did – hehehe016

From Friday-Monday morning we spent our time enjoying the views, the sunsets, yummy food and a few adult beverages at the Pieceful Cottage. Oh and we did a little bit of quilting LOL.004

009I managed to finish up some UFO blocks. Then decided to start a new project. My BFF had shared some coffee fabrics with me a few years ago and I decided to finally put them to use. I used the “Birthday Presents” pattern from Terry Atkinson’s “Take Two & Add a Few” book. I cut & assembled the whole top in a day!

I also took my “Bears in the Candy Store” blocks and sashing along and managed to get the center of the top assembled. Now it just needs the borders before it can be quilted.012

The only other thing I managed to do was start cutting out the mystery quilt I’m testing for Ann Smith.

All in all it was a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Thank you ladies for letting me join the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Quilters”! I hope to be able to join you again in the fall!015


Patchwork Penguin said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful place for a retreat...... I wanna come too!!!

And I LOVE The coffee fabrics....... I think I have that book.......... but if not, I know where I can borrow it :o)



Barb said...

oh how fun for you....I am so jealous and those quilt tops you showed are wonderful....truly love them all but the bear claws are just awesome.

Babs said...

Love your quilts. I have that "Take Two..." book and that quilt is on my list to make one of these days. LOL.

Pieceful Cottage is a perfect name! Seems like a wonderful place. Glad you had a good time!

Mary said...

Lucky you to be a Tester for Ann. Hope I get to do it later.

Sweet P said...

What a wonderful place for a retreat. You got a lot accomplished. Spending time with fellow quilters is always a good thing.

swooze said...

I love your quilts. That "Birthday Presents" quilt is neat looking. You will have to give me some dimensions info.

Jennifer said...

WOW!! You got a lot accomplished!!! How fun it would be to get away and just sew with friends. I adore your quilts. I was looking for a quick quilt to make for my sisters birthday and think I will make your presents quilt...I even have the book!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds great! And I really like this quilt top you made!
It would be a great pattern for using up stash.